Sunday, June 17, 2007

Strawberry ice tea, this is what I wanna be

Someone came to my blog from a weird site called BlogShares, which is one of those virtual investment games (the process is the same as for proper shares, but all stock is based on blogs and who/what they link to). I think the share price for this blog is principally because of links to Vicious Imagery (which has an amazingly high price on there). Anyway, it was weird and I'm happy to link to it and feedback on itself. Sort of.

What with the three-part ending to the current series of of Doctor Who started, I refer readers to this comic version of the Doctor Who (new) series 1 climactic ending, re-written in Internet slang. Throw in some references to a terrible English translation of the Japanese game "Zero Wing," captioned pictures of kittens ("Im in ur noun, verb-ing ur noun"), and there you have it. Warning: may cause offence to users of proper English. I borrow one panel from it, which both myself and my brother found rather amusing.

Other things more or less at random:
Saw "Children of Men" on DVD last week which deserves all the praise it received in reviews;
despite reports in The Times, I should point out that reprots of a Ukulele shortage in the UK are unfounded (I just looked on ebay and there's a pink Flying-V ukulele there).

I think that's it for now.

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