Thursday, July 26, 2007

Milk and cookies kept you awake Sebastian?

I am not going to have spoilers for the Harry Potter book here, if you haven't read it yet then you can safely read the rest of this blog post. If you don't plan to ever read it and are fed up hearing about it, you can still read the rest of this blog post.

Score and trailers and sound design bits (have to do some sounds for the trailer, dontchyaknow). And then someone released some book last Friday... I went the the local book shop and bought two to avoid arguments at home. Some theatre people were there in costume and character (and I'm sure many people reading this blog could guess the identity of at least one of them), and much hilarity ensued. Someone had brought a couple of owls and oddly enough my first impulse was to quote Blade Runner – "It's artificial?" Possibly the nicest buying experience ever, and I'm glad I went now.

It took me a while to actually get around to reading the thing though. I had read the first 200 pages or so by Saturday morning and then worked on work things for quite a bit of Saturday. Eventually finished the book very early on Tuesday morning. You have to be prepared to read the last few hundred pages or so of the Harry Potter book in one go. No spoilers or proper review from me but one-time Benny editor Simon Guerrier did a rather good review of it over on his blog. In terms of reading, I'm now back to Robert Harris' "Imperium" and will follow that up with "The Great Gatsby" which I somehow got through high school without reading.

Now into the part of the week where I'm meeting up with friends (which is part of the reason I was working during the last weekend). I'm hoping I'll be coming back to things with renewed vigour because at the moment I seem to be into a work-delete cycle where I'll work on something all afternoon and then listening again after dinner realise it was inappropriate for the scene. Actually I don't always delete them because they may be of use later, but this side of things can always be tough.

In my relatively limited experience seeing others work on music it seems there are several methods to it. Some people know immediately what it should sound like, and others like to try out every possibility on the way. I've had both happen, but mostly start out with strong ideas and then get into experimenting with the details where things evolve a bit. For instance, going through a bunch of sound effects I made a small rhythm out of recordings of a duck call. That turned into a slightly more complicated rhythm with the addition of ruler twang noises, then it turned into a 90s-style dance piece which rather necessitated losing the initial duck-call.

Watched Heroes on terrestrial television (I had already seen it as a iPod-sized Internet download but it's worth seeing again) and realised that all I really need to do soundtracks is 5 or 6 instances of Spectrasonics Atmosphere and possibly Stylus. I had been to Glasgow on Saturday and find myself craving all manner of new toys that will (in my head) improve my workflow. The new Korg M3 keyboard looks very good indeed but I cannot justify that sort of cost when I'm also considering a new computer, some equipment to make good voice recordings (it's all about where you put the foam) and even moving in the next year or so. In the meantime I need to spend some time fiddling with some of the software instruments I don't use much such as Crystal and Cameleon, and building new fun things in Reaktor.

Luckily (in income terms) it looks as if there may not be tons of fiddle-time between now and Christmas, and then a couple of serious-looking projects in the spring of next year. Hopefully "The Wake" will be finished by November and I'll be able to attend Dimensions, which seems to be my nearest Doctor Who event attended by a few people involved in the Benny stuff. By then there will have been a new coffee table book, an almost complete 8th series and it'll all be jolly exciting.

Anyway, I'm rambling a bit now so I'll draw to a close and get some sleep...

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Not to nit-pick, but you were in Glasgow on Sunday...