Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ooooooh. We love marmalade.

So the intent had been to blog when I returned from London on Wednesday evening, but I returned to quite a heap of e-mail and suddenly work seemed rather pressing. The rushed bit is done now though (for me, at least, for now), even if it seems to have resulted in some of us having pain-fuelled odd dreams.

So... London had a bit to live up to because I actually rather enjoyed my last couple of visits there. Mostly it was too warm; I wasn't carrying a huge bag and didn't bring a coat but it seems that whoever sets the temperature in shops and on the London underground is wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt with shorts and has poor circulation. The concert was fab, but quite amazingly warm in there too. I'm not sure if opening a window is an option in that part of the ICA but it would have been a welcome bit of air flow. Pictures from the concert are online in a couple of places (here and here), and it'll hopefully be on sale from the iTunes Music Store some time soon.

Plans to see a couple of friends in the next few weeks which will be nice, with summer coming a few people are popping home for a little while and but one other clearly just wants to see where the heck I live. Also intend to make some cinema trips to see Happy Potter (the well-known predictive text spelling misake) in I-Max, Simpsons and Transformers. My relatives intend to also see the third Shrek and the Bourne Ultimatium

Are you bored? Someone has set up an LED sign and a webcam. You can write stuff on the web page and it appears on the sign. I spent a good hour or so playing with this last night. Be warned that it often contains adult material.

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