Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1-18-08 (because 18th January 2008 would be a rubbish title)

So there's this film. It's been written by a guy who used to write for Buffy, Angel and Alias but is now on the writing staff of Lost. The film is produced by the guy who produces Lost as well. The odd thing is that no one is revealing the name of the film. The trailer looks rather amazing, and apparently there is some link to the site Slusho.jp which is a weird almost "Fruity Oaty Bar" type experience. This is another odd site that may or may not be connected to the whole thing.

Anyway, if nothing else this film has an interesting approach to marketing. I remember thinking Lost looked interested and then lost (ironically) all patience with it – partially, I admit, because of Channel 4 making a 40 minute programme last an hour through the use of copious commercials.

I suppose part of the idea is that with a viral marketing campaign people might blog about it. Ummm.... anyway.

Here's the trailer in youtube form but better-quality versions can be seen here:

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