Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I ain't afraid of no goats

And it's on into the next job. Last week was the end of "The End of the World" and straight into "The Wake" via a day or two spent on the ref CDs for "Jake's Women" at Biggar Theatre Workshop (excerpt from my notes from the recording of the latter: "03.11 - Re-re-redo. No. No. No. Stop. It's all going wrong." It mostly went well though, and they've given me an interesting sound effect to do).

I've been trying to streamline some elements of the sound design and am now deploying a "Combinator" I wired up in Reason software to handle the noise made by the impellers in one of the regularly-appearing robots. The idea is that I can operate it live with three controls rather than drawing everything in with automation later. Assuming I get all the movements right first time it should save time. I even put a lovely little picture on it by way of a skin so that I could easily identify it. Here's a screenshot:

So next up is doing as much of "The Wake" as I can because I'm going on holiday soon. I'll be taking the laptop with me because I just can't drop work for a week just now. First target for "The Wake" is having the whole pre-title music section ready for the end of September (which should be fine, as it was mostly already completed for the trailer). The next target after that is having the whole thing finished in time for an event in November and of course so that there is no chance the next CD is late.

Also coming up (but not for a little while) is a few sounds for the next Juniors show at Biggar Theatre Workshop who are doing a production of "Alice Through The Looking Glass" so they'll be needing noises of soft mirror, a giant crow and a few other things. Scheduling all this stuff and then sticking to those schedules seems to be half the battle.


Linda Gillespie said...

Ooooooooo it's Ghostbusters, or as we like to call it in our house 'Dustbusters'!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda, why 'Dustbusters'? If t is some kind of slur then I won't hear of it! Ghostbusters prods buttocks!