Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reach out and touch... thief!

With work on "The End of the World" very nearly finished bar the last few tweaks, there isn't a lot of time to clear the decks before the next one. In fact I'd already started work on it. Back when I started on this Bernice Summerfield stuff, just over one year ago, Simon Guerrier joked (so I thought) in reference to time between projects that they'd "soon put an end to that" and it has come true. Of course he has since finished his Benny writing work with an impressively large tell-all book and now contents himself with writing a novel involving Pirates.

A couple of other projects in the last week included recording rehearsals for a play (another instance where the cast get a read-through on CD to help learn their lines) which included some memorable out-take quotes such as "what you just witnessed was a man at the edge of his rope." Also recorded a song, written and partly performed by someone who used to teach me English, about Slovenia after which there was a barbecue where I think I managed to give a passable impersonation of someone who hasn't spent most of the last few months interacting mostly via computer.

One of the things I end up doing is using the end of a project as an indication that it's time for a hair cut, which I did today (as well as a few other jobs in town). Although this project isn't technically completed, that I had developed a habit of absent-mindedly pulling on bits of fringe as I worked is probably bad sign. I never had a fringe before. Later I'm getting a sort of holiday which will be nice. I say "sort of" because I'm taking some work with me and will probably be dashing around recording things still.

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