Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's all been a pack o'flies

Busy with "The Wake" now and a few other things. Finally got the tax sorted and am in the midst of trying to tidy up the workspace before getting a short (working) holiday. Basically I'm taking all my work with me but the change of scene was great whilst I was working on "Dream On" so I have high hopes for this one.

The day after I get back from the working holiday, I'm off to London a couple of days, to attend the recording of another project. More on that story later. This weekend (later today, in fact) I'm off to Glasgow to work the mixing at a concert/ ceilidh being held in Victorian Glasshouses. Staying in Glasgow afterwards and seeing Ross Noble do his show the following night. I've not seen stand-up comedy outside the students union in Leeds before so it should be fun.

On a non-Doctor Who forum I'd been explaining to someone why I don't have my own set of piano strings and big key. This was later chosen for use in their quote archive for quotes that were quite possibly funniest when completely out of context:
"I don't have to re-create the important noises (like the TARDIS), we have to use the originals or people notice and write letters."

This week I finally got around to ordering a new little keyboard (probably my first new MIDI device with keys in about ten years) for taking on my travels, and everyone else is very excited about something new that looks like a musical Lights Alive.

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