Saturday, September 15, 2007

Watch the way I laminate, ha ha ha ha haaa.

Last weekend I was doing the sound for a concert at the Glasshouses in Queens Park. Essentially there were two bands and four acts (two of the acts being made up of smaller ensembles from other bands). I think I was brought in at the last minute on that one but everything seemed to go quite well which was nice. There was that odd experience, shared with celebratory events such as weddings and wedding anniversaries, where the bands will always play covers of hits from the 60s to try to entice dancers other than young children who are giddy on Red Bull.

Stayed in Glasgow on Saturday night, as it was about 2am by the time we were finished, and went to see Ross Noble do his comedy stuff the following evening. My brother and I had listened to a lot of Ross' "Goes Global" series via the BBC's Listen Again feature and found his live show most amusing. CDs and DVDs were bought.

During the week I had a couple of new arrivals of equipment, one of which was the first new musical keyboard I've bought in about ten years. This one does not have any sounds built in, but is purely for playing other instruments, and can do all kinds of fancy things to control software without using a keyboard and mouse. Also it only has 25 keys, which should make it eminently portable compared to my XP-10, it may even see use triggering sound effects at the theatre.

A bit more Benny work, a bit of organising for the trip to London next week, and I'm off on a sort of holiday for a few days. I say "sort of" because I'm taking a fair bit of stuff with me to do work without distractions of the Internet and telephone. Off to London almost straight afterwards to attend a Big Finish recording, then back to work two projects at once for a little while. October is looking like an excitingly busy month with probably few blog posts, except for one to tell you all what the heck I'm doing and plug it appropriately.

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