Monday, October 01, 2007

There's lemons on sale again

I’m being held in a queue but that is okay because apparently my call is important to them. Last week I was in London and due to trains being a bit funny (works on the line extending the purposed journey time by 2 hours) I had decided to fly down. I was doing this the day after coming back from a sort-of holiday, so the plan of action was to unpack, sort out the stuff for the trip to London, pack the stuff for London, sleep, and get the plane from Edinburgh. Amongst all that I also wanted to top up my Oyster card so that tube travel would be easy when I reached London. What I didn’t know is that my updated Oystercard would come into effect the day after I needed to activate it at the DLR station at London City Airport. Having reached central London I wasn’t about to get a train out to London City Airport and back again for the sake of topping up the Oystercard, my top-up ought to have been refunded anyway after a period of not activating it, and so I simply put more money on it and went about my London-based activities.

Only it wasn’t refunded, which is why I’m currently seventh in a queue on the Oystercard helpline and writing a blog post.

The trip to London generally went quite well, despite the unusual (for me) travel arrangements. However I did discover the following fact: the tube doesn’t work and they need a new one. Seriously, on none of my five days in London did anything go to plan via the Hammersmith & City line. I used to think that Londoners left London infrequently because with numerous shops, a vibrant cultural and social scene, etc., they didn’t need to but now I know the truth: thanks to Transport for London, they can’t.

That is how you get into the mindset of arriving at least an hour early for things, because that hour could easily be lost due to over-running engineering works, a points failure, or my favourite euphemism “a passenger on the line.” Why not ask him to get off and let the train past?

So, now I’m back with another script and a pile of stuff to do (and a pending refund, hopefully). There’s episode six of this series of Bernice Summerfield, a bunch of sound effects for “Jake’s Women” (and some means to play them back reliably a the tech rehearsal tonight), and the fresh new and exciting project that I’m not going to talk about just now. Other than it being fresh and exciting, obviously. Plugs aplenty for that one nearer Christmas, I suspect. After all that, there’s another Bernice Summerfield adventure to work on. Onward…


Anonymous said...

Starman - David Bowie

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find its actually 'Life on Mars' but good try!

David Bishop said...

There's another song on Hunky Dory that's got one of my favourite misheard lyrics, I think it's from Quicksand: 'Knowledge comes with tax relief.'