Sunday, October 21, 2007

We featured it Tuesday and it exploded

Title comes from the subject line of some spam I received this week.

A couple of odd little bits before I start here: someone suggested a brief version of my job description might be "making a specific sound at a specific time," but I can't help feeling that has something of a performing seal feel to it. Also, a different friend suggested that rather than "Talking Fingers" I ought to call this blog "Behind the Fourth Wall." Comments welcome, but not if they relate to Playschool.

Anyway, I've been super busy lately and I'm still not supposed to talk much about the big exciting project yet. However, I will say that I spent a fair bit of time in museums in Biggar recently; they close out of season and so I was pretty much the only person in there and was recording a variety of clocks and other things. Public thanks to the friendly staff who let me in and turned off the slightly buzzy lights for me. There is something quiet weird about a half-dark museum with no one else there.

Over at the theatre"Jake's Women," was a fun and slightly unique challenge that seemed to come off really well. At one point I was firing off one half of a conversation which made timing rather critical - during the play there is a voice which has to sound like about three different people. We achieved this by recording three different people and then I matched them up in terms of timing and put a backwards echo on them (at the request of the director). For playback I've hit upon using a small keyboard and sampler to play back the time-critical sounds for theatre things rather than using a CD player or minidisk which can both take a little time to start.

I'll be using the same system for the "Biggar Shorts" which is series of one-act plays which the main Biggar Theatre Workshop contribution to the Little Biggar Festival. I say "main" contribution but the theatre is being used as a venue most evenings. Somehow I've also been roped into stage managing an outdoor children's musical event tomorrow. We will be using electricity designed for use by caravans and I am a little nervous.

Have also been helping a friend of a friend (and parent of another friend) get his head around Pro Tools software. That has been fun because I haven't really done a pure music project since the STAR album with Yaatri.

There will be a one-hour about Bernice Summerfield on Resonance FM (which is a London-based radio station). In addition to interviews with various Benny-related folks, it will have a sort of contribution from me in the form of some finished, but as yet unreleased, material. It's on this Tuesday (23rd) at 8pm and podcast after that here.

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