Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grant control to make your tongue

When I was in my second year of university one of the tasks we were set was to make a recording live. It could be of anything we wanted, but no adding stuff afterwards or doing anything clever with editing - just something and make the best recording of it that you could. A number of people recorded friend's bands or people reading poetry (these are students, remember) - I recorded a full evening of relaxed jamming at the local folk club and submitted one of the songs from that evening. CDs were copied to the various people involved at the folk club, I backed it up and removed it from my hard discs to make space for other things.

One of the participants recorded that evening was David Roberts who tragically died in June 2005. By way of tribute to their energetic and enthusiastic member, Clydesdale Folk Club decided to record a CD at a live event which would be supplemented with various other recordings. So it was that I found myself at another Clydesdale Folk Club event last week, as a member of the audience for the live recordings. Also making contact with some people who want a copy of my student-quality recordings for inclusion on the CD. Also caught up with a few people I haven't seen for a while and discussed some new ideas about things (being purposefully vague about that for now)

So a tiny part of this last week since then was spent cleaning up that recording as much as I could reasonably. Most of the rest of it was spent in the Pro Tools doing sound editing, or reading whilst Pro Tools was bouncing.

Oh, and LoveFilm sent out a new copy of the first disc of "24" (or, more accurately, "17'12" seeing as it hasn't got any commercials). The DVD has now been viewed and returned, and I now have an excuse to re-read bits of the fantastic "Screen Burn" armed with new knowledge.

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