Saturday, December 15, 2007

Teasing your poulty

Sorry I haven't update things here, I've been busy and still am really. It's been a really busy few months working on "The Phantom of the Opera" and it's not quite done with yet - just the CD extras to do.

"The Wake" is also almost very nearly done, trying to place and mix the music score for what may be final reference CDs to go to the director and producer.

The first episode "The Phantom of the Opera" is going to be on the radio on Sunday the 23rd of December. This will be the second time something I've done is being played on nation radio. The first was on John Peel's BBC Radio Four programme "Home Truths" where he played something I'd made when I was about 14 which involved recordings of sheep arranged to form the Blue Danube Waltz. Still, I can say I've been played by John Peel now. Anyway, the BBC7 project is far more professional and entertaining than that so do have a listen.

Outside Big Finish work, there hasn't actually been much of anything for a few months. I made a trip into Glasgow last weekend for some necessary Christmas shopping, and another into Lanark today for an even more necessary haircut. Oh, and there's been panto in Biggar which is almost done. It takes a lot out of the day, especially when I tend to be most productive between dinner and going to bed. Biggar Theatre Workshop have a new web site which you can find here. I'll be adding it the links section in due course.

Oddly enough, my lack of blogging does not seem to have slowed visiting people here much. I think I've used so many odd phrases by quoting misheard lyrics as titles that I now regularly pop up on searches. Someone found me by searching the Italian version of Google for "readymeals," someone else was wanting to know "What is shaped like a triangle," and another seeking "ninja turtle doves." Also lots of interest in the "Lights Alive" picture I'd filched from eBay.

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