Friday, January 04, 2008

Seiko Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est?

And a Happy New Year to all.

Working a little over Christmas; "The Wake" is finished and has gone for duplication, BBC7 have broadcast the first two episode of "The Phantom of the Opera" and download sales appear to be going well, and I've been editing interviews to go on the CD release when it comes out in March. "The Return of the Daleks" has been released on CD for anyone to buy (it had previously been for Big Finish subscribers only).

Also been talking with people about the possibility of a couple of more music-based projects. More on that later.

It did mean that there wasn't much spare time around Christmas. After the delivery of The Phantom of the Opera and finishing up a lot of the score for "The Wake" I went travelling down south to visit A. (I'm trying to use less names of people I'm not actually related to now). Had a lovely time there, and was able to get back just before the rail services up the west coast started going a bit wrong. It's nice coming back home for Christmas, even if you spent most of the previous year there.

Spent a relatively quiet Christmas and New Year with relatives visiting and minimal travel. There wasn't any snow over Christmas and the New Year celebrations in Biggar went ahead as planned (so far as I can tell - I didn't stay in Biggar that long). That said, there certainly is snow now, and some Interesting weather being forecast for next week.

With a little more time on my hands I've been catching up on the wonders of the Internet (and DVD rentals... I think I was in the wrong mood to appreciate "Dark Star"). News that the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital now have their own replica Dalek made me wonder: because maybe if you are ill or have been given some kinds of drugs you don't want to wake up to see a Dalek in the corner of the room.

Also, as a quote from the Gossip page of generated most of my traffic for a while (the one about Shania Twain), I include some recent favourites:
"I am going on a guided tour by myself."
"He used to drink three double whiskies before he started work. He was always crashing his forklift."
"So, how many episodes in a series of 24?"
"I'm gonna facebook your mum!"
"Well, I already have an elephant, so ... no pressure..."
"She sellotaped her face to a dog."
"What perfume am I wearing? It's called Febreze."
"Christmas is a time for forgiveness. And space travel."

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