Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun's assured, so don't pull the chord

I spent the first half of this week getting sound effects together for the next Juniors production at Biggar Theatre Workshop, "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (a musical version of the Lewis Carol novel "Through the Looking-Glass") which will run from the 19th until the 22nd of March. The plot of this musical version deviates from the original story about halfway through - between Humpty Dumpty and the Lion and the Unicorn - so that (a) the show is only about two and a half hours long, and (b) so that it is in fact possible to perform on stage with none of the cast over the age of 12.

After Humpty Dumpty we have a resolution for the Red Knight courtesy of the White Knight and Alice, but the actual ending remains the same. Only without the kittens.

I wanted to get the sound effects for "Alice Through the Looking Glass" out of the way now so that they are in place before the more intense rehearsal period begins. The production gives some interesting challenges such as the sound of passing through a soft mirror (a slowed recording of rubbing a wine glass with my finger and some heavily processed recordings of water), a giant crow (flapping wet jeans very slowly) and a dream box (heavily processed salad spinner).

Doctor Who/ Big Finish link: in 1974 Sarah Sutton (not yet Nyssa at that point) played Alice in a television movie of "Alice Through the Looking Glass."

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