Sunday, February 03, 2008

He is trampling through the village where the great giraffe is stored

No blog for ages and I apologise for that. Reason: mostly work and parents being away which left David and I doing all household tasks and dog-sitting. Also were experiencing travel difficulties (my moped is still at the garage being fixed now). The weather has been challenging too and I'm not adding an un-interruptable power supply to my shopping list, which will keep my computer on for long enough to save and close if the power is turned off.

Work stuff: The Wake was released and people seem to generally like it. We now watch Simon Guerrier disappearing off into the sunset leaving a trail of Badger-faced Pirates and a scrambled-egg-like substance. The Phantom of the Opera was finally finished and has gone for production so it should be ready for the release in March. Big Finish have upgraded their web site to allow them to sell downloads of their material now, there will also be forums, a podcast and blogs there. Check it out, new BF recruit Paul Wilson is doing some great work there. Current work: Beyond the Sea (Bernice Summerfield, series nine, episode one) closely followed by The Adolescence of Time (Bernice Summerfield, series nine, episode two).

New Mac stuff at Macworld and lots of new music toys at NAMM. Unfortunately a lot of the music/ audio stuff announced at NAMM isn't actually available yet but I can expect to be getting upgrades for quite a few things in the next couple of months.

Upgrading is always a dangerous thing, because right not everything works and it might not if I upgrade things. Nevertheless I am being tempted by faster computers at the moment, but am trying to control that urge until I've had a chance to seriously re-think my working area. Like having it in a different room for a start. I've been looking at studio furniture too, but a lot of it costs about the same as the computers I've been looking at.

This month I have been mostly watching Coupling and Battlestar Galactica (the newer version) after recommendations from friends and colleagues. Reading: a huge pile of Doctor Who books (including Mr Guerrier's). Listening: M.I.A (first and second albums), Burial and the re-released-with-extra-bits Blade Runner soundtrack.

More from me soon. Certainly before the month is out.

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Um, is this Battle Hymn of the Republic?