Sunday, February 24, 2008

You know it's just your ghoulish stride

Pondering a couple of inanities over the weekend (did some work too, more work with putting microphones in odd places).

Did I get a free sample of Horlicks malt chocolate drink with my rented "Sleepy Hollow" DVD because I'd rented a film with that name, or would I have received it anyway? Parents reckoned I should rent "While You Were Sleeping" to find out. David suggested "Insomnia."

My brother can get a new phone every year on his current phone contract and opted for a phone which has an amusing feature: it can play MP3s and it's random playback mode is activated by physically shaking the phone. This caused my Mum to refer to it as a "shoogle phone" and now I'm adding an iPod Shoogle to my mental list of devices that really ought to exist.

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