Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've thrown a custard to her face

Looking at site statistics again. Someone found this blog after using ask.com to find out "how to pull glass out of a finger." I would suggest "quickly," especially as you may only have the use of one hand to type/mouse with. Someone else was hoping I would tell them "how to write your name on toast." Other searches included "twigs breaking sound effect," "Simon Guerrier on facebook" and "The way of the ninja milk and cookies" which makes me wonder about what sort of people are out there on the Webtubes.

And the person who found me whilst looking for a free download of The Wake can go and boil their own head. They live in Japan, use an Apple Mac running OSX, I have their IP address and they must be stopped. Or at least made to buy it legally (and it should be available for download legally soon-ish).

It's bedtime and I have a moderate pile of books and a new CD to listen to. So, rather than reveal secrets of work (like the not-very-hidden Morse code in the music for "The End of the World"), I will be off to bed.

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