Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sure played a meat pinball

The last week has been drawing a few lines under long-running things. These are in no real order.

Firstly I got my moped back from the garage where it's been (more or less) since the middle of January. Apparently the part they required was hard to get. So, I am now more mobile than I have been lately.

After a while without amazing reception at home (most especially) I changed my mobile phone to a network where I do get reception at home. Moreover it's also a good bit cheaper than the previous phone network, and I got to keep my phone number. For some reason it took me ages to get around to this and I'm still occasionally surprised when my phone rings even though the phone is not on a high shelf.

In more normal jobs you can pick up hints from the people you are working with but a lot of the Big Finish post production stuff has been quite solitary so far, so I've bought a book. There aren't many books specifically about radio drama post production, so I've been referring to stuff that is mostly about film production which has been quite interesting as it's an area I've not had much to do with so far. Also I've found that, technically, I've been doing things slightly wrong so far but fortunately no one seems to have noticed because it all still sounds okay. Speaking of which, "The Phantom of the Opera" is due out on CD this month which is terribly exciting. There was an advert in Doctor Who Magazine and it looks very classy.

Further Horlicks sample news: I received another free sample of Horlicks with a rental of 24 (series 1, disc 3). As that covers the morning rather than late evening I can only assume that it was going to be included anyway.

Underwater recording for "Beyond the Sea" has been accomplished using freezer food bags (rather than (the apparently industry standard un-lubricated condom) protecting the microphones. A few loops of scuba-mask breathing and it should be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Like many people interested in music tech, I've had my mind blown this week by the new version of Melodyne which can alter individual notes within an existing polyphonic recording. Technically I don't have a good reason to buy it immediately partly because it's not available yet but mostly because I'm not doing so much pure music work these days. Currently under consideration are StormDrum2 (for making cinematic percussive noises) and Speakerphone (for making people sound like they are talking through small speakers in echoey rooms).

Spent a busy Sunday last weekend first recording a vocal and piano group at the theatre, followed by an extended rehearsal for "Alice Through the Looking-Glass" which is the next project for the Biggar Junior Theatre Workshop. A tech rehearsal followed by a dress rehearsal today and it should be ready for showtime on Wednesday evening. Hopefully we'll even be getting it right by Saturday. The juniors are the youngest section of the theatre and their show is quite short but densely packed with sounds effects and songs. Time to put away the equipment I used at the theatre earlier, I think.

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Linda Gillespie said...

I think it all went tremendously well! Could be the shortest show on record - I estimate we'll all be tucked up in our respective pits by ten at the latest! Thanks again for all your hard work - you're a star!