Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We'd like to know a little bit about your far-off isles

Alice Through the Looking-Glass went mostly without a hitch. After the post-final-night party I immediately caught a cold (one of the hazards of working with children) and now have that slightly odd feeling that my head isn't large enough to contain normal logical thoughts. Reading has been a weird experience because odd little bits of stories are staying with me and repeating over and over whilst I try to sleep. It probably doesn't help that my book of choice at the moment is Robert Shearman's collection of short stories "Tiny Deaths" which is mostly quite surreal by itself. It's a splendid book, though, if you are not addled of brain - Rob seems to use the principal of extraordinary ideas set them somewhere completely normal, which makes them seem even more weird and just a little scary at times.

Hearing is also slightly jiggered just now so for I've been copying reverb settings into every scene and the kinds of things which don't actually involve critical listening. Also cleaning up some of my own sound effect recordings because that's something the computer can basically get on with without interference from me. I'm wishing I had access to an waterphone for this project but the instrument is too expensive to be worthwhile just now, plus I'd have to learn to play the thing.

Now contemplating going to Leeds during the weekend for a congregation of people I used to share flats with, and whom I've not seen much since graduating. Hopefully I'll be better by then because long train journeys can be a test at the best of times.

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