Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm not made of wood, I've not got a wooden leg.

Apologies for the lack of posts, it's been quite busy here. Some more "bits and bobs" sort of work on top of the Big Finish work. I'd talk more about some of the clever things I've been doing lately but they may be considered spoiler-full. I can safely say that I've used a washing-up liquid bottle, some wet cardboard tubes, two pieces of MDF, and a contact microphone taped to a salad-spinner in the name of interesting sound effects.

A short distraction was a weekend spent in Leeds catching up with friends before some of them went away travelling. It was odd being back in Leeds, you find yourself going around looking for differences rather than looking. There were drinks in bars and a short visit to a club where I was amazingly uncomfortable on two counts: firstly the music was amazingly loud.- louder than any club or concert I've ever been to. Secondly students are now younger than they were, people in first year at university now were probably in primary school when I started at university, and I felt like an ill-advised guest star on Skins. Nevertheless I'm resolved to go and see friends again before I stop being a young person in the eyes of the national railways.

Back at home and it's onward with the Bernice Summerfield work. I'm going to have to record a lot of atmospheric wind sounds effects soon which isn't a problem in these parts, but actually recording in a breeze is tricky. Have you ever blown into a microphone? Imagine that sound constantly for about 5 minutes - it's not quite what we're after. So I have bought a proper Rycote Windjammer for my little portable recorder, so now rather than looking a little like an electrical stun-gun it has a friendly afro-hairstyle/ Royal soldier helmet. On discovering that the windshields for outside broadcast recording are sometimes referred to as "dead cats" (you know, furry things on boom poles) my Mother has not christened this new purchase as "more a dead hamster."

The CD of "Phantom of the Opera" has been released and I even have an A4 poster on my wall advertising the fact which came with a recent Big Finish CD purchase. On the Big Finish website you can download the first episode for a mere ninety-nine of our UK pence. I'm told Bernice Summerfield downloads should start being available soon too.

A couple of theatre things happening this week, but nothing too taxing just removing a few hours from a few evenings. Also hoping to get back to a semi-secret music-based project I've been helping with for a few months. I'm not saying more about that here because it's not my project, but it's been fun doing something purely musical. It reminds me that I enjoy it and seem to be quite good at it when working on music that has to wrap around something else is still something I find tricky.

I'm off to put some equipment, scripts and blank paper in a bag ready for tomorrow.


Snr. Smooth said...

Also known as Dougals, "Der Hund" if you work in Germany and the lovely ladies at Rycote make the most AMAZING chocolate Brownies for IBS and AMPS meetings, yuuuum!!!

Matthew Cochrane said...

Hmm... I wonder how Rycote brownies stand up against a strong gale.

Do you have to spear them on 3ft carbon-fibre cocktail sticks before you are allowed to eat them? "Prove your credentials," sort of thing

Snr. Smooth said...

:) The best Rycote thing?! The calendar they send out if you join the "club" is the most surreal thing I have ever seen! For a company that specialise in wind defense, their beanie hats are RUBBISH. Didn't keep me warm in Bristol, never mind anywhere REALLY cold!