Monday, May 05, 2008

I had some dreams there were grounds in my coffee

Quick blog from me just now ("blog" is a horrible word, isn't it? But not as pretentious-sounding as "journal" which this isn't anyway).

Since finishing with the theatrical distractions and my younger brother heading to Switzerland for a while, I've been concentrating on the Big Finish stuff again. Which is just as well as it needs to be finished rather soon to be ready for the release date in June. And that's June of this year.

As always in times when I have to be working at the computer a lot, the weather is lovely. If you don't have to be inside today I suggest you go outside and enjoy it. I seem to remember that the good weather we had last May was about as much of a summer as we got. I'll have my windows open and perhaps a walk with the dog will help me lose my frozen-chip-like pallor.

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Claire said...

Sounds busy, hon. Hope all's well :-)