Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sulphur on Page Eighteen

It's funny but with no real need to write down what I'm doing every day it's only really the "last opened" or "date created" meta-data in computer files that tell me what I was doing last year. Oh, and this blog.

But I happen to know that around this time last year I drove my moped to Biggar, bought some baguettes for lunch and recorded the sound of the automatic door at the chemists. I also know that the sound of that door later turned up as the sound of a hatch opening in "The End of the World" (it's the one in the docking bay) so I guess I must have been working on that this time last year.

In current Benny news (from my point of view) "Beyond the Sea" has gone for duplication. Trailers and cover art for both "Beyond the Sea" and "The Adolescence of Time" are now on the Big Finish web site. I am now deep in dialogue editing because it's going to be fairly vital to get through that quickly because the sound effects bit is probably going to take a while.

I've arranged for 2 days in London to attend a massive music trade show. Hopefully work will be finished by then; it might be fun to try to deliver the masters by hand for once rather than irritating everyone in the Post Office with my multiple packages of different weights.

Whilst working at Real World (four years ago now) I was briefly involved in assisting on mixes of a very long-term project called "Big Blue Ball." This seems to now be finished and is about to be released but it doesn't look like the mixes I assisted on are on the album; this isn't a huge surprise because it went through several iterations. They were adding extra instrumental parts as it was being mixed and evidently it wasn't the first time that had happened. Anyway, it's coming out now which is good because it'll be nice to hear the songs again. I still get some Peter Gabriel songs stuck in my head which I can't go and listen to because they aren't released yet. Having said that at least one of them is circulating the Internet but only as an instrumental.

Afore I go, if you've been having problems with any of my links here it's may be to do with Big Finish having a couple of web site issues lately. If you replace the .com with .info everything should work. At least with the URL. The Real World sites have also been offline recently due to someone having stolen the servers on which their web site normally resides. What an odd thing to steal.

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