Monday, June 23, 2008

Kids Wig-Nuns

The trip to London happened and went well and already feels like quite a while ago. Music tech shows are always bad for my bank balance but I'm also thinking again about upgrading my computer (because mine is now the slowest of the three main computers in the house and I'm the only one who uses mine for proper work) and the iPod (less urgent but the rubber firewire connection protector has broken off). That said, I am sorely tempted by the creative possibilities of the Korg Kaossilator having played with one now. On a purely personal note whilst at the London International Music show I was able to view a stand occupied by my old university, whilst one of the people I went to university with was working on a Roland stand, and someone I worked with at Real World was there showing people around from a music tech course - lots of different bits of my past coming together in a way. I also met Nick from SonicState and had the odd experience of talking to someone who I normally only hear on podcasts or conducting interviews in online videos.

Now I have the makings of the next project before the current one is finished (this will be what Simon Guerrier meant when he scoffed at my simplistic hopes of downtime between projects sometime ago) and due to deadlines I'll be multitasking on both for a while. One of the projects is straightforward and the other is... not. It may be a long month in Pro Tools.

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