Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing penguins

Lots of work lately. I'm at that awkward point of starting one project just before the previous one is finished. The next one has kind of been announced now, so I can mention it here too. I'm doing the sound design for the audio version of "Doctor Who: the Ultimate Adventure" stage play. I had been only dimly aware of the existence of the stage plays so it was quite fun to read the script (which I did whilst in a hotel room in London). It features Daleks, Cybermen and...erm... songs. Luckily for me and the audience, other more talented people will be handling the songs and music score leaving me free to do my sound effects thing.

This does mean that I have to miss out on helping out my old boss with an Edinburgh Festival project, but I shall be trying to at least get along to see it and I recommend you do the same if you can.

Seeing as I've not just basically said it, my brother has a job looking after the daughter of my cousin in Switzerland. One of my friends suggested that seeing as the young girl is bilingual (at least) she might like Tots TV. I looked this up on wikipedia whilst finding out if DVDs were available and some of the episodes sound... a mite suggestive. Maybe it's just me, but see what you think:

Furry Beat
Tom's Trumpet
Tilly's Recorder
Naughty Little Pig
Vegetable Guard
A Sticky Mess
Naughty Mysterious Person
Tiny's Box
Dreamy Tilly

Other stuff... in my spare time I have been very much enjoying:
Zero Punctuation - literate, yet occasionally potty-mouthed game reviews,
Soupy Norman - because we didn't get it on television here, except for a little bit on Time Trumpet,
two big box-sets of Alfred Hitchcock films (and wondering that a Roxette Box-set must surely be in the works),
Paris Motel,
Katy Perry (who I suspect everyone will be fed up with when her album launches here in September).

Anyway, lots to do - must dash.

Edit (to help David - see the comments):


David Cochrane said...

I'm having trouble with this blog title. I keep singing it to the tune of 'Don't Let It Bring You Down' by Neil Young (and Annie Lennox), but I know it isn't.

What is it?

David Cochrane said...

Cheers bro! I'm not up on the modern music, I'm happy sitting in my little musical bubble, occasionally pulling new stuff in.