Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rock me, I'm a dais

Spam is destroying the world. Okay, no it's not really - but the junk e-mail messages I've been receiving lately do seem to be coming from an alternate universe constantly on the brink of destruction. Recent message subjects that I've seen prior to deleting have included "Japan announces nuclear weapons capability - china alarmed," "'America will invade Iran' says president." Clearly targeting the reader of tabloids there was also "Angelina Jolie dies in childbirth" and "Will Smith shot on set of new film." Note for people watching via Google: neither of those are true. People watching via new search engine Cuil can't see this, but they know about me working on Doctor Who-related things and doing a placement at Real World.

Work continues apace on the Ultimate Adventure, with only 11 pages and 3 notes to deal with. After that it's all hands on deck for a speedy finish to the Adolescence of Time. That said, I've been working every day for about the last month, and so I'm determined to not feel guilty about going to the cinema this afternoon to see a film before starting what may be two long weeks with my only outside visits being to either walk the dog or go to the Post Office to send finished masters for duplication. The day that we can safely upload master CD disc images will be a good one in terms of getting things finished quicker, but I quite like the process of taking a finished project to the Post Office. It's a little like handing in piece of work at university, where they mirrored the Royal Mail experience as much as possible by making us fill out multiple forms to submit work, making us posting work into a box (and hearing the slight crack of a new CD case after dropping five feet into a metal-wire bin on a tiled floor) and being open for submissions for about four hours different hours each working day.

But it'll be nice to have these two projects out the way, particularly Adolescence of Time which, for various reasons, slipped into the time period I'd allotted for the Ultimate Adventure. I have to keep reminding myself that I haven't actually sent it for duplication. Anyway, I'm anticipating late nights, but this is going to get done. Soon.

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