Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When a man loves a walnut

Lots to blog about this week. With the Big Finish projects finished for now I've actually been doing things. That don't necessarily involve sitting in front of the computer all day. To start with these were tidying up scripts and backing things up on to DVD. When working on a project I backup daily on to a second hard drive, then when the project is finished I back everything up on to DVD discs as well. Using the latest version of Toast this backing up process has been easier because it can arrange huge folders into DVD-sized chunks, so I don't spend lots of time working out which files can go on to which disc.

With all that done, in fact whilst all that was getting done, I started watching The Wire. Lots of people have already said how great this series is, and I can only agree. The writing, acting, production is all brilliant and suits the way the story is told. Given my background I especially like that there is seldom music score present and generally when music is used it's part of the scene - hip-hop blaring from a car, or light jazz at a party, that kind of thing.

As I mentioned before, Richard Chappell was amongst those organising a series of events at the Edinburgh Festival and last Wednesday I went along to see the two of the shows - the Zawose Family and Children of Cambodia. Both excellent shows and I hope I convinced anyone who might have been interested to go.

Chatting with Richard (generally known as Dickie) afterwards with some of the Cambodian youngsters I found myself in an odd position. I've been working quite hard on Big Finish stuff since about February doing sound design for Bernice Summerfield and Doctor Who stuff. In my first proper break I found myself trying to explain to a kid from Cambodia what exactly I do for a living and suddenly found a sense of perspective. It was made all the more confusing by the fact that Dickie's current assistant is also called Matt, which makes me "the old Matt" or "the other Matt," which is a whole other sense of perspective.

Every year I resolve that I should try to get to more of the events at the Edinburgh Festival, and every year I end up being busy through the summer, but I'm resolved to try again next August.

Immediate plans: I'm off to the Midlands for a week or so to catch up with friends there, one in particular, and then I need to spend some time moving equipment around to tidy things up a bit. I've bought some new things that aren't properly wired in yet. After that another week elsewhere (a proper holiday, no less) followed swiftly by a live sound gig at the Glasshouses in Queens Park, Glasgow. Fun, fun, fun.

Oh, and apparently I made an unofficial cameo in the Times Educational Supplement which is one of the many places I thought I would never turn up. Mind you, Sky Sports was another whilst recording crowd sounds at a rugby match (whilst at university, next to the pitch) apparently we were all clearly visible. Of course, that we had to wear high-vis jackets probably helped.


David Cochrane said...

I remember a good few years ago chatting to someone who thought that the line in Don't Stop Me Now by Queen was 'I want to make a supersonic walnut of you'.

Snr. Smooth said...

Isn't my sister special!!!! :)

David Cochrane said...

That's is one word for her, yes.

David Cochrane said...

My grammar's bloody awful.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Matthew is referring to the Percy Sledge hit, altho' there are others who recorded it too. Snr. Smooth, an unkind comment about your dear sister. David, I'm sure your use of 'Dadisms' could be brought in here, if I felt inclined!