Sunday, August 10, 2008

You set my soul alight, grey shoes melting in the dead of night

I'm looking after both house and dog for the weekend. What with being rather busy at the moment, the biggest impact of this on my typical working day is that I'm generally getting up before 8am now, and I'm walking the dog twice per day instead of once.

It's been raining a lot lately - as I'm sure most people reading this know - and so my general choice of footwear has been the rubber waterproof boot (hereinafter the "wellie"). Anyway, I'm not sure what happened but when standing ankle deep in a puddle this morning I realised that one of my wellies clearly has developed a small hole and is now about as waterproof as an open-toed sandal. This was followed by having one foot squelching for the remainder of the walk.

After eschewing it for some time, I started using Twitter recently. Like many other Internet trends I'm only there because other people I know use it. Twitter, if you don't know it, is essentially the "status update" bit of Facebook which you can alter either via the web or by sending text messages, or via your fancy Internet-enabled phone. You also get updates of people you are friends with via text message (you can turn this off and I do).

Anyway, I'm off. Work to do and it's looking like I'll be submitting two sets of masters for duplication in the next week or so, which will be nice.

EDIT: Before anyone else asks, jump to about one minute into this video for the answer.

Ah, Muse: possibly the only band who could get away with a song named "The Quantum of Solace." Or "The Something of Boris."

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