Friday, September 12, 2008

The raisin divine, 'cos I'll be changing my mind

So the thing is that I already basically wrote this blog entry and I was happy with it, then I went off to do something else and without thinking closed everything without saving. So this is never going to be as good as that first one, but no one else will ever read it so it shouldn't matter.

So, some time ago now, I went down to the West Midlands to catch up with friends. I flew down to Birmingham because now that I am no longer a Young Person in the eyes of the railways, the plane was going to be just as expensive as the train at short notice. The thing with planes that always worries me is the limits on the weights and dimensions of luggage, and on this flight I was trying to do hand-luggage only. That's not too bad - I can stuff a suitcase reasonably well, but you have to make the liquids and electrical equipment easily accessible so that they can be removed for security people to check. After that you have to be able to swiftly repack as those with less luggage try to get past/ around you to the departure lounge.

Once I actually got there, the trip was good - I helped build flat-pack furniture, move a sofa in via a garden and conservatory, and cut out pictures to be laminated for use a classroom. There were also meals and two days at the Moseley Folk Festival. Managed to meet up with a friend from school for a meal, and hopefully it won't make the TES this time.

Back from the West Midlands to a fairly quiet week tidying up bits and bobs, watching The Wire, and listening to some of the music I bought as a result of the folk festival.

Coming up: a week elsewhere by way of a proper holiday. I want to spend some of that looking through unused pieces of music and doing some composing ready for the next couple of Big Finish projects. October is going to be very busy because there's one project which needs to be finished as soon as possible after it's recorded. Luckily I'm not planning to be working on anything else at the same time so everything should run smoothly.

"The Adolescence of Time"
was clearly turned around by the duplication company in record time and has been released. "Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure" should be out soon too.

At some point I do plan to talk about something I've worked on in a bit of depth perhaps in case anyone is interested. I had intended to go into a bit of background on the Jason Kane theme but I put that idea to one side when I found out it was to be the new Benny theme. But I could talk about the hidden Morse code, or hidden audio pictures or even the hidden phone number. When the Ultimate Adventure is released you could also play "spot the Wilhelm scream."

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