Monday, October 27, 2008

There's a road and a distant glove

It's been quiet from me again, and sorry about that, but I've been busily working on my episode of the Doctor Who anniversary release from Big Finish "45." That's finished now, and as seems to be almost customary at this point I'm now going to go and visit friends before I start on the Next Thing, which I've signed contracts for but as no one else has given away details about it I won't either. The Next Thing has to be done quickly as well, but it will mean that I have money heading towards Christmas which is always good.

On this trip away (starting tomorrow) I'll also be attending a recording for not the Next Thing or the Thing After That, but Five Things Hence (or more). There's organisation for you.

Once again I shall be in London and miss a Neil Gaiman signing (the same thing happened around this time two years ago), and the last days of the Doctor Who exhibition at Earls Court because I'm not organised enough to book tickets. Frankly it's a miracle I can get myself to and from the capital with a working Oystercard ready for the tube.

I'd got around to ordering the amazing Altiverb, with a view to using it extensively on "45" but it didn't arrive until I'd made a start on the music score. That said, it is still amazing and I'll be using it a lot on future projects.

Also arrived in the post (on the very same day) is my weighty un-interruptible power supply. Power cuts are fairly plentiful around here, particularly at this time of year, and they have a distressing effect on external hard drives. This new device is about the weight of three bricks and sits between my important electrical items and the mains electricity supply, and takes over if the mains becomes overexcited or stops completely. It also filters my network connections in case lightning tries to come in through the telephone connection. The main benefit is that it gives me enough to save and close between the power going off and Pro Tools "throwing a wobbly" (technical term). It also makes a great beep when you turn it on or off, which will likely be appearing in a Big Finish production soon.

Anyway, signing off for now for a few days. Play nicely now...

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