Friday, October 10, 2008

You baked my steaks, I ate a few.

I'm taking a moment because I need a break from Pro Tools. Yes, hard at work here. It's slightly odd because I'm only working on one episode of 45 so although I have a full story to do the total run time is only about 25 minutes so every scene is quite short.

Anyway, my reason for blogging just now: I have a plan for the London Olympics. Now I know that no one will listen to this who can do anything about it, but I want to be able to say in four years that I called it now.

Working on the principal that there is no way London could conceivably match the spectacle put on in China for the last Olympic games, I have a suggestion: Use computer-generated images for most of it and have it all animated in advance. That way you could just have that on the feeds to the world media organisations and the screens in the stadium (with sufficient smoke they wouldn't know what is going on anyway).

That way we can make things as complicated as we like, bad weather can't spoil it, and the DVD could be on sale before the actual event. Fireworks that turn into dragons? Fly-by from a thousand-strong patrol of Daleks? Athletes parachuting into the stadium making the shape of the Olympic rings? It's all possible, and a good bit cheaper than doing it for real.

I'm just saying...

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