Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blue creature walks into a room

Return of the Krotons is mostly finished - just waiting for a jet-lagged and busy director to have a listen to things, and then there may be minor tweaks.

That means that I'll soon be starting on the next project, the details of which I'm not allowed to reveal. It has been revealed elsewhere that it will be a special release for the Doctor Who monthly range featuring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor, but further details have not yet been revealed and I won't be doing any unveiling here.

Those of you following via RSS may be a mite confused - I'm trying to clean things up by making pages with all the links and things on them, and simply linking to them from the side bars.

This means that some point I have to actually post these pages somewhere accessible by the blog and that's what I've just done. I think this is neat because it means I don't have to access a different site for my links, and I can update them fairly easily too.

So, unless you have a big interest in the lists I've compiled this evening you can ignore the other two posts I've made tonight.

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