Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got canned fruit in my heels tonight

It's all been quite busy here at Talking Fingers Towers (I was meaning to re-name this blog - must get back to that some time, if only so I never use the phrase "Talking Fingers Towers" again). First a visit to the Midlands where it snowed amongst other things, then on to London to catch up with friends and also attend a Big Finish recording. I am not allowed to reveal anything about what the recording was for at this point or some of the exciting people who were there, so that part will have to remain a semi-tantalising mystery.

There were other exciting people there the day afterwards too, and I popped back to the studio in the evening to pick up the full recordings and scripts for that project and one that's a tad more pressing now. Only I still had a few more days in London so I read the scripts and left it at that for a few days.

It's not often I'm in London with free time these days so it was nice to have a wander from Whitechapel to Barbican and then to the Barbican centre. I'd never visited Barbican before except, on the underground and it's quite something to see, I'm not sure if it's fantastic or a monstrosity in concrete but the sheer audacity of building so much in in one go is rather impressive. The only other place I've seen with that sort of single sense of purpose is Canary Wharf, although I'm reasonably certain that no one lives there full time. It's perhaps a fallacy that we seem to put all the houses in one place and all the shops and culture a good distance away.

Anyway, I was back home in Scotland on Monday night then away again during Wednesday to see Leonard Cohen play a concert in Glasgow. Also taking place in Glasgow that day was an Oasis concert and Celtic were playing Manchester United. That made for an interesting mix of people at the railway station, and taxis were in short supply afterwards. The concert itself was amazing, both in terms of musicianship and technically. It wasn't too loud and everything sounded clear and precise, all the musicians were very well rehearsed, and despite being 74 Leonard was onstage for a little under three hours. After eventually getting a taxi afterwards (see what I mean about having cultural centres well away from houses?) I stayed overnight in town with relatives before heading back during Thursday.

Since then it's been hard at work on the latest Big Finish project, "Return of the Krotons." As mentioned before, I also have script and audio for the Next Thing which isn't due out until next summer, and there's more things recording in January.

So that's it for now. Also on my to-do list: tidy up this blog template a little as it seems to be getting terribly crowded.

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David Cochrane said...

I always thought the lyric was 'Got canned heat in my heals Big Ben'; you know, like he was singing it to a large bell.