Friday, December 19, 2008

Dawn we now our day of peril

Still working on things about which I should not yet speak, and trying to get that finished as soon as possible so that I can work on other things about which I should not yet speak. Recently I've also been providing unofficial phone and e-mail support for Pro Tools to a local musician, and then to a less local friend of the local musician. The manual for Pro Tools is great for explaining how every aspect of the software works, but not so great when it comes to going through what to do in a typical recording process. A lot of what I've been doing is explaining how to do all the stuff you'd normally do with a mixer and multitrack recorder (effects sends and returns, monitor mixes, record level as opposed to monitor level) in Pro Tools. Plus it's been nice to dip my hand back into the world of just music for a while.

I was somewhat disturbed to find how easy it was to write that Twilight rant, but I shan't be doing that too often so don't worry. Imagine how dull a blog it would be if I just had a pointless lengthy rant every week about something popular that most other people seem to enjoy.

Recently released stuff I was involved with: Forty-Five and Return of the Krotons. The latter is only currently available if you subscribe to the Big Finish monthly Doctor Who range and apparently leads nicely into the current release The Raincloud Man.

I've heard all of Forty-Five now and the episode I worked on feels a little home-made in comparison to the other three but people still seem to like the whole thing, which is good.

I don't have a proper release copy of Return of the Krotons yet but the CD I sent went straight to duplication, so all I'm missing there is the CD cover.

I had a Moment this morning where I had to double check if I was awake properly: on closing his BBC Radio Scotland show today Fred MacAulay announced that Nick Briggs would be a guest on Monday, and suddenly I was wondering whether general guilt about deadlines was causing me to hallucinate. Checking on the iPlayer, I found that it is true, although I suspect the focus of the interview will be the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas special rather than anything related to Big Finish.

Anyway, now I'm going to wrap myself and a microphone up in warm and dry materials to visit the woods. I've been waiting a while, but finally I need the sound wind and rain in a forest and that's something that is eminently available to record just now. Of course I'm not saying why I need that sound in order to preserve some sense of mystery.

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