Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fall onion dears! O, hear the angels' voices

It's Christmas Eve Eve, or Festivus if you happen to be a Seinfeld fan. There are no presents under our tree. This is because we have an inquisitive dog who would have opened them for us by now if we'd left them there.

This next month or so may not provide much material for blogging. Lots to be done, and this project isn't due out for a little while so I can't really reveal any more about it until then.

I meant to blog about my weekend in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. Specifically: the music playlist in Borders in Glasgow becomes quite odd as closing time approaches (some Heaven 17-like stuff which I didn't recognise and Paul McCartney's "We All Stand Together." Also worth mentioning, and I sent a message about it on Twitter at the time, one young lad playing bagpipes and another playing side-drum who were playing the Hokey Cokey and performing it at the same time. I suspect they were not making a sectarian point though.

Anyway, if I do not blog beforehand, have an enjoyable few days. I'd say Merry Christmas but I know that people (somehow) find this blog from all over and you can't all be Christian but there's certainly of things to enjoy even if you aren't celebrating the birth of Jesus. Also, it's New Year next week so there's that as well. It's generally nice to have a festival of some kind in the middle of winter, so enjoy!

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