Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For old lambs fry, my dear

Lots going on here, although not quite as much work as I would like - too many distractions at this time of year. One of which has been preparing for a couple of weeks without the parents around. That isn't usually a problem for my brother and I, although we do have to plan meals in advance (and resolve once more to try to pass a driving test at some point so that we might get ourselves to the shops) and a slightly whinier dog than usual to cope with.

Also I've been trying to tidy up in general. As I've mentioned on here before, a town near where I live celebrates New Year with a giant bonfire and has done since probably before we called it that (seriously, some people think before we had Christianity in these parts). I'd guess that it partly comes from that thing of encouraging the sun to realise what's expected of it. Personally I really like the symbolism of getting rid of all the stuff that's left at the end of the year which you realise you don't need anymore.

The only problem is that I'm something of a hoarder, sort of by necessity now that I'm my own business (receipts, bank statements, and all that kind of stuff have to be kept and put somewhere that I can find them again in April).

So what had been a huge pile of books and magazines is now three piles; one of books, one of magazines and one of unread books. I've put lots of paper in for recycling and shredded the stuff that needed shredded first. The socks with holes are gone and the jeans with unfashionably-placed holes are in a bag ready for the clothing bank. My electric toothbrush has a new head on it, my electric razor has new foils and blades, and I have a new pillow which should help to prevent back trouble later on.

Other distractions (some of which were related to Christmas):
GForce M-Tron Pro,
Native Instruments Absynth, FM8, Pro-53 and Massive (learning how to use those enough to make new exciting noises with them),
Lego Star Wars Complete Saga,
some new things I bought from Big Finish,
the aforementioned big pile of books.

I'm now swithering about whether or not I want to go to the bonfire. On the plus side I sometimes bump into unexpected people whom I used to go to school with, but on the negative side there's lots happening tomorrow (family get-together) and I could do without smelling of smoke.

Whatever you are doing have a very happy New Year when it comes!

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