Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sparing his life from his warm sausage tea

Here's how it is:

I was working on a project that I'm not supposed to talk about, but now that's been moved on a month to make room for an entirely different project that I'm also not supposed to talk about but this newer project is due for release first. That's pushed several other projects back a bit, and just before that happened a release date for some of them were announced.

I've just completed what feels like three weeks of concentrated dialogue editing with Christmas and New Year happening around that. I now have three different completed Scene 1s for different projects as well, and one of them even has music score already.

I have two scripts in the "current" pile, and another pile with a further three scripts and associated media (CDs and data backup DVDs) from recently finished projects because I have run out of space to put things away now. Also the wonderful notebook I bought when I started working for Big Finish is getting quite close to being full now.

Away from work, my parents were just away on holiday for more than two weeks which left my brother and I looking after the dog, the cooking and the cleaning. Every time they go on holiday I vaguely hope I will use having the run of the house to do some serious tidying, but that didn't happen this time either.

So, still quite busy and I hope that explains the lack of blogging just now.

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