Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watchmen Hero Act

(that's apparently an anagram of my name)

Well, that's The King and I out of the way. For the record, putting up shotgun microphones for a musical is a bad idea unless you are going for that "off-mic" sound 80% of the time (and the other 10% is perfectly audible because the actor happens to be standing in one of the few spots with coverage).

Riding the levels for each mic to avoid picking up the fans on the lights and every footstep and creak as people walk past both on-stage and backstage made timing the sound effects playback tricky but I got better at that as we went along.

That said, there was a sterling job from the cast and other crew though - it was something of a wonder that the show was ready to go on stage at all. Since the show finished I have caught up with Orbis, Dollhouse and the rather fab Thru You.

Now it's time to concentrate on finishing the goat-related Doctor Who project and then on to a different project altogether.


David Cochrane said...

So, 80% is off-mic and 10% is audible. What's the other 10%?

Matthew Cochrane said...

Those were when the people on the stage were actively avoiding the microphones - either facing upstage, towards the wings, or actually delivering lines from offstage.

Oh, and when the lines were obscured by there being other people or objects between the person speaking and the microphone (e.g. clapping children during Getting To Know You).