Saturday, April 04, 2009

You could make Roman gasp when you'd go walking passed

Coming soon:

I did the sound editing for the eighth Doctor and Lucie story The Scapegoat. It's the fifth story in the current series, and each episode is being made available to subscribers on a weekly basis - so you can get a weekly fix of Doctor Who whilst the television series isn't on. The Scapegoat will be available to download from and on CD from July. Also there's a trailer here (where the credits for sound design/ music are currently incorrect - the talented Jamie Robertson did the music on this one).

The next season of Bernice Summerfield adventures have been announced and I'll be doing some of them. I've had thet scripts for a couple of months and they are all great. Benny will also be appearing in one of the stories that makes up The Company of Friends.

One of the projects I've been keeping quiet lately involves Mr Boom. Mr Boom is a children's entertainer - many people of around my age will remember seeing his television programmes. I've been occasionally helping him with recording stuff at his Earth Base (which isn't far from where I live), but one recent project involves helping to re-work his back catalogue. Technically this isn't not re-mastering because I didn't mess with the audio content much, but we moved track markers around and embedded the correct track and copyright information. Now the whole lot will soon be available on the online stores at iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc., courtesy of TuneCore.

If you have or know young children it might be worth a look. The majority of the music I've been working on with Mr Boom is more singer-songwriter-with-a-band stuff (and not under the name Mr Boom) and I'll be plugging that in due course.

I think that's all I can mention for the time being, back to work...

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