Saturday, June 27, 2009

The French will surely come

Proper blog half-written (I really have been back from London for a while) but in the meantime...

A while ago I expressed the opinion (first as a blog comment and then on Twitter) that Buffy Summers visiting Forks would work well for me, and probably not take terribly long in terms of narrative content.

I'm very happy to see that someone with better video editing skills and time on their hands had the same idea.

Doesn't Buffy's world look colourful. Maybe Angel Vs Edward would be fun too.

Also I bought some audio software recently and the box/content ratio was rather astounding. It may not be clear from the picture so here are the measurements of the box is 260 x 220 x 75 mm and inside is a folded piece of A4 and a paper wallet containing two DVDs.
It's mostly that seven and a half centimetres of depth that I feel is un-necessary; I've got a single DVD case which holds 6 DVDs. Also I had to pay for the shipping on two boxes like that (but with different data DVDs) from the Netherlands.

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