Saturday, June 06, 2009

Moon carburetor

Not blog posts for quite some time, but I've been very busy - mostly working on forthcoming projects for Big Finish Productions. The big one is out of the way now and whilst the others aren't lesser projects they are a bit closer to what I'm used to.

Currently I'm writing this from London, with all the associated noise and bustle even in the relatively inclement weather. I travelled down here yesterday by train which was a bit of a mission. The train from Lanark to Glasgow was delayed, and then the train from Glasgow to London was basically cancelled due to problems with a bridge collision. The London train would start from Edinburgh instead but I didn't discover this until I was about to get on the train - wheeled suitcase in one hand and large coffee in the other - so I then had to dash across Glasgow to Queen Street station to get a train on an unaffected line to Edinburgh. I did make it in time, but the dashing was less than ideal. The train to London was delayed slightly as well due to another collision with a bridge near York. I can only assume that since yesterday was the first rain in some time that the road was slippery or something.

Annnyway... in London now, where as I mentioned it is raining. I found out yesterday that there's a Tubular Bells-related event happening at the British Music Experience in the O2 (the Millennium Dome) today but getting there will be problematic due to works on the underground. Then for 2 days next week there will be a tube strike. I normally use the underground to give London some kind of form that I can work around whilst going from place to place, so this will force me to use maps and things. I didn't bring my A-Z so I'll be relying on wifi and Google Maps. What fun.

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cheshirecat said...

Yes, I think forks does need a good slayer, or perhaps some angry mob with torches, just something. I also have ginger hair and pale skin, weirdly though I am also not a vampire. perhaps it only lies in the minds of Mormon authors and odd, brain washed girls.

wow, the trains sound worse than ever. Well from my perspective I would be over the moon just to be in London. have a good time otherwise!