Monday, July 27, 2009

Curling up inside my private tortoise

Right, I haven't blogged for ages which is frankly lax of me. I was thinking about things this week whilst writing an e-mail to a friend about this and the problem comes down to this: I can't really blog about what I'm doing generally. This is because I'm generally doing work for people who have a finely-tuned promotional machine that doesn't need me undermining it.

Of course there is also the non-work stuff too, but apart from doing live sound for an acoustic concert in Biggar last Friday and seeing the new Harry Potter film at the IMAX today there hasn't really been too much of that. Something I briefly considered is letting blog posts run a few months behind real-time but I'm not sure how interesting that would be when it's not an historical document kind of thing. Twitter has been a handy for tiny non-essential titbits of information and daft little thoughts, and might be one of the reasons for less blogs.

Anyway, I'm thinking about that stuff just now. Comments welcome.

In other news: Big Finish Productions are releasing two things this month with which I was involved. (Never sure about that sentence construction with the verb at the end of the sentence put.) The Scapegoat was previous released as a download in May but is released on CD this month and features a magnificent music score by Jamie Robertson, not to mention some very fine acting - the cast lists are on the web site. The Company of Friends has sound and music mostly by me* and I don't want to say too much more about it because as I understand it's not been released yet. Apparently there are some reviews online though if you want to read about what other people think. It also has a fine cast who are also detailed on the Big Finish page.

In the last week I finished an episode for the tenth series of Bernice Summerfield adventures, and formally started on the Next Thing on Friday although I'd been gathering some little sound effects for it over the last month or so. There are two more things to come after that, which are going to be different from anything I"ve done before and haven't been announced with my name connected to them yet. I'm also taking the risk of planning some time not working on specific projects, mostly to give me time to sort out a re-arrangement of my work area and installing a new computer. I've been working since 2004, quite successfully, using an Apple G4 Powerbook but I feel things may benefit from a faster processor and more RAM. Also one of my neighbours is younger than my computer and she's at school now. Serious upgrading to the point of actually unplugging everything is a bit of a risk during a project with looming deadlines and I'm allowing a week when I may well be hunting for installation discs and liaising with various tech support people to re-authorise my software. Also I have some new toys that will work really well on a more recent computer.

Oh, also Simon Guerrier's eagerly awaited book detailing The Bernice Summerfield Inside Story is due for release in August and can be pre-ordered on the Big Finish website. Simon and Lisa Bowerman (who plays Benny, but you knew that didn't you) . I believe that I get a mention or two, despite only being involved in the last three seasons - Simon Guerrier being the teasing so and so that he is gave me my relevant page numbers from the index although I haven't seen the book yet.

* I did "Benny's Story," "Fitz' Story," and "Izzy's Story" with director Nicholas Briggs providing gothic musical stylings for "Mary's Story" which seriously benefited from my being able to spend more time on the sound design.

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