Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who needs love when the sandwiches are weak and they know you are the Master

Right, it's been almost a month since my last blog which is just verging on silly. I've even been doing stuff. First, work things: latest BFP thing I worked on was released this month is a Bernice Summerfield adventure called "Venus Mantrap."

Also released was the Bernice Summerfield Inside Story, which I wasn't directly involved with but I am mentioned in after some brief interviewing via e-mail. Lots and lots of good stuff in that book, and I'm looking forward to getting through it properly later.

Currently finishing the Next BFP Thing, with another couple waiting in the wings ("the wings" in this case being inside the flippy bit of my desk).

The computer upgrade finally happened. Well, sort of... I have the new computer and a lovely monitor screen for it. I have installed my relevant software on to it which runs rather fantastically well, particularly the four virtual instruments which I've bought in the last six months specifically with the new computer in mind. Only thing is, I don't have space in my working area for the new computer right now.

The September plan had been: order computer online, clear space, happily unpack computer and spend the rest of the month installing/updating things and trying out the new toys. Apple then decided to release their new operating system in September and I didn't want the new operating system because stuff works with the old one and may take some time work with the new one. So I ordered the computer earlier than I'd intended to be sure of getting the older operating system which is known to work well. And I have a disc of the new operating system for later.

Anyone not bored yet?

Lack of blogging has basically been down to me not doing much stuff other than work lately, but in the last couple of weeks I have been doing things. Not much, but easily enough for a couple of paragraphs.

First of all I went with friends to see Amanda Palmer play as part of the Edinburgh festival. For the last three years I've been meaning to get to more events at the Edinburgh Festival and I fear that until I am rich and own a car it may never happen. Anyway, Amanda Palmer was brilliant and I'm glad I went.

Also today I made my first ever trip to the Braehead shopping centre, where Collector-Mania-Glasgow was taking place. I was principally going to get a book signed, but it was fun to look around generally and see how much toys from my childhood would have been worth if I'd kept them in their boxes. My brother made some additions to his growing collection of Doctors Who toys, but sensibly waited until leaving the event before discarding the boxes.

I think that's everything for now. Back to work for me...

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