Monday, October 12, 2009

Living is easy with nice clothes

First of all, belated apologies to Vicky who left a comment ages ago and I forgot that I had to click on a button before it would be published. It's there now.

The short version of recent events is that I finished one thing (which was slightly late) in a big hurry, started a new thing and in the week or so in between tried to arrange my finances to the satisfaction of the Revenue and integrate the computer with my work area. I've been working a little over four years now with a 15” laptop, so replacing that with a tower and a 21.5” monitor was going to require a bit of basic restructuring. That restructuring isn't quite done yet, but I'm in a position where I can work, I can hear what I'm doing, and I don't have to clear the computer away at mealtimes. At the moment I'm still having to move a lot of stuff around at the beginning and end of each day so that there is clear floorspace. The plan is to clear space in the wardrobe, move lots of things in there and put new things where the stuff-that-is-now-in-the-wardrobe was.

In that week or so between projects there was also a slight issue with the Xbox 360, which was doubly annoying for me because this was the first chance I”d had since my birthday to properly get into a couple of games that I received as gifts/ bought around then. Once I managed to get the Xbox on it's way via UPS the service was exemplary though, and it was back from Germany within a week and working well so far (touches wood with crossed fingers whilst throwing salt over my left shoulder).

So owing to other stuff happening (mostly work) I've been doing most of my blogging lately via Twitter as it's terribly handy and convenient to try to fit thoughts into a small number of characters, and be able to do that from both my mobile devices. Also I've been finding people on there I didn't expect, such as the new band formed by members of a band I worked with ages ago whilst in college.

Oh, something about work actually – there's a musical theme that I came up with for Secret Origins (the latest Bernice Summerfield play, available now from Big Finish Productions) and when it came time to integrate it in with the play there was actually no space to fully state the theme, so when/ if I get time I plan to finish it off as a piece of music and put it online somewhere. But I want to give everyone a chance to hear the music that's in the play in context first to avoid distracting from the story.

And now that I've done a blog, and re-written my tax return in pen, I'm going to go to bed.

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