Friday, December 18, 2009

Frosty the snowman is a ferret elf, they say

Right, so once again my lack of blog action has been principally down to my being busy with work stuff again, although Twitter may be taking it's toll too. The thing is that Twitter removes one requirement of a blog: some kind of framework to put thoughts around (not that I ever generally used that anyway).

For a while I did think of Twitter as the Internet equivalent of standing in a large crowd of shouting people and shouting "I had macaroni cheese for lunch. It was yummy" but it's gone a bit beyond that now. Most of the time, at least.

But Twitter is a lot more difficult to look back on than a blog. So I shall continue to blog, it just may take a little more work on my part to get there. And, you know, doing stuff that isn't just sitting in front of a computer making specific noises happen at the right time (which is how someone summed up my job once and I can't really argue with it).

I've been mostly doing Judge Dredd stuff lately. I can definitely say that because it is on Big Finish's website and mentioned on their podcast today that I've been working on it so I must be able to talk about it by now. The last one is almost done, just doing music at the moment. I'm never too sure of how much I can say about that work really, so I won't be explaining anything about the other project that I have here until someone else has.

The new computer still isn't properly in place although the "temporary" thing I set up in the summer is still working quite well. In case anyone is wondering some bits of "Secret Origins" were done on the new computer all both the Judge Dredd Crime Chronicles, and everything before that was done on a 15" Powerbook that is now over five years old and was starting to get a bit flakey. In case anyone sees that as a damning indictment on Apple, I have had that laptop computer on and in use pretty much every single day of those five years and in the last three years on for almost all the time that I'm not sleeping. I'm keeping the Powerbook on for portability, mostly at the moment doing theatre playback for rehearsals.

About the theatre: it's actually shut just now. Back in November when the Biggar Little Festival was finished, we had to remove pretty much everything so that workers organised by the council could come in and start on the fairly urgent repairs. Most of the costumes and equipment are in storage now, and rehearsals for forthcoming attractions continues at social club. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out. Personally what I really don't want is for the grand re-opening to happen just as the next Biggar Little Festival is happening because that would make everything about as stressful as it could possibly be.

Christmas is coming up, and had things gone to plan I would have been getting on a train to visit Aleks tomorrow but I had a hunch that the music wouldn't be done by now and it isn't so I'm glad I went with that feeling before booking train tickets. Will hopefully be seeing Aleks between Christmas and over New Year now. I've got the presents and such sorted but have completely failed to do Christmas cards again. It always seems to get to this point and then I realise it's too late to write and post them and get work done. I had liked the idea of donating to charity and sending a festive e-mail to people instead (I've done that twice), but that seems to annoy several people for various reasons that I hadn't thought of. So if any of my friends are reading this and haven't received any kind of card: it's not because I don't like you or anything, no one got one from me. Am resolute I shall try to catch up with more friends next year.

I think that's everything for now, just didn't want to leave things silent here for too long in case anyone thought that I had lost interest altogether.

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