Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rabbit, where'd you put the cheese curls?

Right, so no blogging since before Christmas it would seem. Where to begin...

Christmas was great, New Year was fantastic (first time I've done New Year outside Scotland). Spend most of January dialogue editing, then there was a week or so where I was dealing with some theatre stuff (mostly research) and then sound editing the thing that the dialogue was finished for. I'm still doing that now actually. Well, not right now, but I literally just closed Pro Tools to come and write this.

It's not that I'm bored of blogging or that using Twitter has made me more likely to use that than to go on an extended rant here (and extended ranting was basically the reason I started the blog in the first place), but it's more that I don't think a continual stream of "this week in my Pro Tools work..." would be very interesting. All the interesting stuff has to be kept until things are finished and released. If I said something like "Just made the sound effect of a Dalek casing being opened and the mutant inside being shot with a laser pistol," then that would be a fairly major spoiler for an unreleased story.

I was taking a train back from Birmingham at the weekend and recorded background noise stealthily on the built-in mic on the laptop I was using, which I've now turned into something fun for work. Today I was recording a dog lead and four weeks ago I recorded some toy dinosaurs. I'll try to remember to tell you what that lot was for in a few months.

Work stuff... where was I with that? Last year went: two Doctor Who adventures, two Bernice Summerfield adventures and two Judge Dredd Crime Chronicles. Just now I don't think I can say what I'm working on just now as it's not been announced. I'll be working on some more Big Finish things later, and am in early stages of talking about Something Else as well. I saw Imogen Heap play a gig in Birmingham last weekend (hence the train trip back) and had enthusiasm for lots of music tech stuff rekindled. What Tim Exile does with Reaktor and god-knows-what-else is amazing.

Theatre-wise there is "Olivia" with the group for younger children and "Les Liaisons dangereuses" with the adult group, and both of these are happening outside of the Corn Exchange as the refurbishment has finally begun.

I think that's about all for now. As it says on the page of script currently next to me, "Follow me..."

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