Wednesday, March 10, 2010

John, your face looks strange

First thing: I'm going to put all the answers up on that music meme thing at the end of this week. Just to warn you.

More people seem to look at the blog when I write things, but not as many as I might have expected. I ought to carry on writing things and see what happens.

Stuff is continuing, and in addition to stuff for Big Finish I have been doing a quick dialogue CD for the Biggar Theatre Workshop (they read out their script, I record it, and they get copies to listen to whilst they learn their lines) and a couple of other more speculative bits and pieces.

Some of my time lately seems to be bits of research to keep up to date on new gear and software and whether it would actually make life easier or not. In this way I've thought myself out of several almost-purchases lately; for instance rather than buying a box full of shiny light-up buttons, I bought an application that runs on my iPod that should allow me to have virtual buttons on that. I've sort of got it working insofar as it talks to the computer, but the trick is remapping it to control the correct things. That kind of job takes time, so I'm leaving that for now as it's not as important as other things. I do love hardware, but such things require space.

I've been looking at various people's websites to steal ideas seeking some inspiration for what I would put on mine if I were doing one. Which I'm not. At least, not at the moment. Happily I'm not currently formally advertising my services because I'm busy enough with the work I have. So, when I put up a website you'll know circumstances have changed or I've paid someone else to do the website.

It's been fun on Twitter to watch an idea that @MerseyMal had extended into a video by @EddieRobson, and I include the video here because they need even more people watching it to make them slightly amazed (and take it up to full-screen for the proper effect):

Anyway, I should really be in bed as I have to be up and ready for a studio session (doing music! Imagine…) in about 8 hours.

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