Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And I said, "What about breakfast activities?"

Right, far too long without a blog post from me.

The thing is that actually writing about what I'm doing whilst I'm in the middle of piles of work isn't terribly interesting. I didn't want to go down the political routes whilst the election stuff was happening either because, frankly, everyone seemed to be doing that and I wouldn't have done myself any favours by demonstrating the gaps in my knowledge publicly.

So right now you find me working on things, and I can even say what things because it's obligingly already been published on the Big Finish website. I am doing episode one, two, and four of the next series of Bernice Summerfield audio adventures. I'm not going to try to confirm titles because already what I have on scripts (and consequently on the progress charts on my wall) don't match up to the published titles in two cases.

There is a fourth project that I"m doing at the same time as the Benny stories, but I"m not going to say any more about that for now. Weirdly I also can't say what I was doing for work between late January and April, but I'm sure I'll come back to that later.

What else... I've been to Birmingham a couple of times since last I blogged, first to take my girlfriend to see Imogen Heap play a concert (which happily was also Valentine's Day weekend) and again at the start of the month because it happened to be between our birthday and I was between projects at the time.

There have been two recent theatre projects that I've been involved with a little. The first was a junior (ages 6-12) production of the musical "Olivia" - think "Oliver!" meets "My Fair Lady" with hints of Sherlock Holmes and Gilbert & Sullivan. As the theatre is still in the process of being renovated (which was another job I was involved with back in January ,but that's another story) the performances of this took place in a local village hall. Lots of equipment had to be brought in for scenery, lighting and sound which are all things that we more or less take for granted in the theatre but added substantially to the workload. The show was only running for three nights but with various rehearsals that week it ended up being a busy week.

Less than a month after "Olivia" came the Theatre Workshop (adults of all ages) production of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" which is also known as Dangerous Liaisons. Again, this show was out of the normal theatre but the production had taken this fully into account and gone with a relatively minimalist set and lighting scheme. The hall in Biggar has it's own lights and sound system which were quite serviceable after we'd ironed out the source of a buzzing noise that irritated everyone during the dress rehearsals. The show seemed to go well, but the hot weather and some publicity difficulties didn't do us many favours with regard to audience numbers. Notably, some of the audience on the Friday night had arrived somewhat refreshed and decided to go into panto-mode; booing, hissing and shouting advice to the characters. Still, in a show featuring some quite involved sword-play it was good that our main worry was about a small percentage of the audience.

Next theatre project is the AGM and generally tying things up for the year before the summer. And the more regular work has deadlines, so I'd best get on with that for now.

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