Monday, August 09, 2010

"I'm a lean hungry man who ain't got time for chicken"

Right, no blogging from me in ages because I've been super busy. Mostly working on Bernice Summerfield stuff. Like this:

In terms of plot this links straight into the story of Resurrecting the Past and Escaping the Future, which I'm also working on. I'd never done work to picture on my own before (other times I'd worked to picture it was collaborative) and there's a lot to do. Also in terms of keeping sounds consistent - so I'd change something for the film, then have to take it back to the audio play and change things around so that they matched. I'm keeping details vague at the moment to avoid spoilers.

Anyway, it's something different and it's been exciting to be involved with, even if the whole thing ended up being slightly more complex than we'd originally imagined. Hopefully it'll bring the Bernice Summerfield to some people who might not have bought the CDs or books before.

In other exciting news, I got myself a Soundcloud account a few months ago and I've put a few things on there, mostly stuff from my work on Benny that for whatever reason wasn't used in that form, also a piece of work from university. You can listen on the SoundCloud page (didn't want to overload this page with Flash things).

Anyway, I shall try to blog something soon. Even if it's just a funny YouTube video that I've found or something.

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