Monday, March 21, 2011

You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack

(For new people reading, I use misheard lyrics for blog titles. I don't actually have a good reason for doing it any more, it's just a thing I do).

So, just over four weeks ago I moved house.

The original plan, the plan when I was leaving university, was to go back to the parents for a while to sort through stuff then move somewhere and get a job quickly to pay bills and eventually a career would happen. Then for a while the plan was that the stay at home would grow to include my doing some music for a kids am-dram show, and it's more or less around this time that the prices of houses started to go more mental than usual.

So, job-hunting from home. Writing to a few people and companies, exploring various options (some of which I had forgotten about until I was clearing things up for the move), all of which turned into my starting to do work for Big Finish Productions and working freelance from home. One thing didn't so much as lead to another as overlap and the cycle of Big Finish stuff and theatre stuff. At one point I was actually sound editing an audio play on a laptop between sound cues during a show.

Anyway, having talked about moving for ages I finally got around to it and it's a bit different. For one thing I've moved from quite a rural place to somewhere decidedly suburban. The move was actually delayed slightly whilst I finished off setting up the equipment at the theatre following a refit. Having had a say in the specification of the equipment and wiring up quite a bit of it, it's a little annoying that I'll probably never get to use it all after setting it up and making sure it works. I'm hoping that others will make good use of it all.

Work lately has been primarily some music for a short film, which I haven't been talking about but it's been announced here and here so I can probably direct you there without saying anything I'm not supposed to.

Otherwise I've been unpacking boxes, cowering behind a small new rack full of old-ish equipment, and doing normal domestic things. And that's where I"m at just now.

Oh, during my period of being quiet on the blog I uploaded a song to SoundCloud which was recorded in the summer of 2004, and may be notable for being the only recording ever (so far as I know) that was started in the Writing Room at Real World and finished off in the student recording studios at Leeds Metropolitan University. It's also a cover, and I'm hoping I won't get into trouble for putting it on SoundCloud.

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