Sunday, July 03, 2011

Come the armchairs of hell

Lots of things have been happening.

Work-wise there have been my first work on the Big Finish Dark Shadows range (which was technically something I started in December, and I've done sound editing on two plays now), which I keep having to explain to friends but they'll hopefully be pleasantly surprised when the film (in which I have no involvement) comes out and they have some knowledge about it.

My contributions to the highly mysterious and exciting "Cleaning Up" are also completed (and you can bet I'll be going on about that lots more when I'm allowed to, in the meantime look at this). I got to visit an exciting audio post-production studio and have other people bring me cups of coffee, it was great.

Home life has been busy too: in the last couple of months there have been 3 funerals, a wedding and a memorial service, but things seem to be heading back to a semblance of normality (have I been here long enough to achieve a baseline for normality yet? I'm not sure.)

I've been on Twitter quite a bit, so if I'm not blogging enough for your liking here then I can only suggest you find me on there too, though I am prone to spouting some nonsense when the mood takes me. Still, the joy of Twitter is that it's not really supposed to be deep and thoughtful all the time.

Next I'm doing some Doctor Who related thing which I'm not sure I can talk about just yet, and a few other bits and bobs as time allows.

I'm going to try to get more happening on here too, because I know I've been a bit lax in the last year and a bit.

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